Benefits of Unstructured Play

“Free Play” also known as “Unstructured Play” has many benefits to your child’s learning and development.  Unstructured play allows children the freedom to explore, create, and discover without predetermined rules or guidelines. It’s been shown to foster cognitive development while boosting physical development and social and emotional development. It specifically helps creativity and imagination, problem-solving abilities, social skills, and confidence.

Creativity and imagination: Because there are no fixed rules to follow, children can make their own games and guidelines. This opportunity to create and use imagination is important to cognitive development.

Problem-solving abilities: Children work together during unstructured play to solve problems. While activities should be supervised, unstructured play allows children time to work together on problems and resolve a conflict or question.  Even if the play is with an object (blocks) and not another person.

Social skills: Unstructured play encourages social skills and teamwork. Children take turns, learn to listen and share with each other, develop imaginary scenarios and make decisions together. Because they are the ones driving play, they have the chance to learn on their own among friends.

Blue Planet is ideal for free play because there are endless opportunities to explore and interact with our Big Blue Blocks and Sensory Rooms. Children do not need large open spaces for creative play – often at home, a quiet corner or under the kitchen table are just as fun.

There are several research studies online for more information.

We invite children to explore Blue Planet and all it has to offer!