Brain Benefits for Children and Adults

Building, creating, and playing are all beneficial actions that help form neuro synapses in the child and adult brain.

It may seem like blocks are just blocks, but in reality, the manipulation of the blocks help to:

  • Transform personal knowledge into a real-time play opportunity
  • Enhance thinking and uncover unexpected patterns and connections between ideas.
  • Establish a creative “process” that helps streamline ideas and thoughts, and then move them into action.
  • Play stimulates the brain to make connections between nerve cells
  • When building with the blocks, physical activity takes place and can boost memory, improve concentration, improve mental health, enhance creativity and slow cognitive decline.
  • Playful behavior has positive effects on the brain and on a child and adult’s ability to learn. In fact, play may function as an important, if not crucial, mode for learning. Science supports this idea.
  • Divergent problem solving isn’t the only cognitive skill linked with make-believe. Pretend play has also been correlated with two crucial skill sets–the ability to self-regulate (impulses, emotions, attention) and the ability to reason.
  • Block play is known to influence cognitive development.