(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Building is a great activity for logical thinkers.  Children follow through on plans they make up in their heads and they learn to carry them out, and be flexible when they have to adjust, or pivot from the original intention or plan. This is a skill. An ability.

STEM is all about having the ability to bring knowledge and skills to solve problems, make sense of data and information, and know how to gather and evaluate information to make decisions. This happens when children create, build and learn. This can also be accomplished through “play”.

Our Big Blue Blocks offer children the opportunity to integrate STEM into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world, real time applications. All while topping it off with some “social learning” and development.  In an era when technical and scientific skills are increasingly important in the work force, exposing children to STEM learning in the early years is key.

The Blue Planet Blocks offer your child the opportunity to:

  • Science: The basis for scientific discovery is being a good observer. Your child can be an observer and re-create and duplicate what they see being formulated (built) from across the room. They can then replicate and duplicate it, tweak it and establish a similar but different outcome.
  • Technology: Skills, methods, and processes used to achieve goals. This can all be applied to “building”.  Children show their skills, practice their methods and create their own “process” when building.
  • Engineering: The creating, building, designing and producing a structure, bridge, robot, building, functional machine is all the things an engineer does.  Your child will become an engineer of the blocks!
  • Mathematics: Participating in “patterns” is a mathematical practice. Adding and subtracting loose pieces is all part of the Big Blue Block equation.