Blue Planet Ocean Awareness and Ocean Conservation

Blue Planet is committed to teaching children about the ocean, its important for the planet, and it’s incredible plants and animals.

We are an “ocean themed” STEM Inspired Sensory Center. When you walk in, you will “feel” the color blue all around you! As you walk down the hall, you will see interesting facts depicted about ocean animals. The Special Events (Birthday Party) Room and Deep Sea Discovery Room both have walls covered with beautiful murals of ocean animals that our staff will introduce to your children.

At the end of every session, our staff will round up all the children and take them on a mini-tour of the Center, pointing out the ocean animals and describing where they live, what they eat, and information about their habitat.

Every session will end with ways the children can help the ocean flourish and thrive, and how they can make a difference on this “Blue Planet”.

Blue Planet has established relationships with Ocean Conservation groups and organizations and will offer out-reach opportunities for children to participate in ocean-related events like “Ocean Clean-Up” days, etc.

For more information, please email: info@blueplanet4kids.com.